Praying for our Students

Praying for our studentsThe kids in our community deserve our prayers and encouragement.

Specific things to pray for this week: That our students will…

  • start the school year strong
  • make good friends who will be there for them no matter what
  • have good health
  • have greater mastery of their subjects
  • develop a love for learning
  • feel supported by their parents
  • connect well with their teachers
  • have safe schools
  • have a fun year full of great learning
  • make great strides in their education
  • most importantly, notice all opportunities to speak God’s truth into the lives of their fellow students and even to their teachers

Pray for the students attending our local school districts ( for us, that would be Beaumont Unified, Banning Unified, and Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified), as well as:

  • kids in the many private schools and charter schools in our area
  • kids being home schooled
  • kids too sick to go to regular school
  • students at the local colleges (Crafton Hills in Yucaipa  and Mount San Jacinto in Banning)
  • students commuting to schools outside of our area

Let’s Pray!

#beaumontstudents #banningstudents #calimesastudents #yucaipastudents

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