Praying for our School Leaders

Praying for our School Leaders

Finally for this month focused on praying for our local schools, we need to pray for our school leaders, including principals, deans, directors, school board members, district office leaders, and superintendents. They are the ones setting the tone for the district and deciding on curriculum, staffing, budget priorities, and so much more. Their decisions can have such an impact on our kids and their education. We need to be praying for them regularly.

  • for wisdom is their decision making
  • for integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness
  • that they will support our kids and their teachers
  • that they will not be antagonistic towards those of faith
  • that they will gain support for the community
  • that they will keep the focus on what it needs to be on (educating our kids) and not let other things hijack the attention, the money, or gain higher priority
  • that those who are Christ-followers will be able to share their faith and befriend their co-workers

We especially want to pray for the school leader in our local school districts of Beaumont Unified, Banning Unified, and Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified. But let’s not forget the other school leaders in our community

  • private school leaders
  • adult school leaders
  • preschool directors
  • college leaders
  • school leaders who are our neighbors but who commute to schools outside of our area

Let’s Pray!

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