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Praying for our School Leaders

Praying for our School Leaders

Finally for this month focused on praying for our local schools, we need to pray for our school leaders, including principals, deans, directors, school board members, district office leaders, and superintendents. They are the ones setting the tone for the district and deciding on curriculum, staffing, budget priorities, and so much more. Their decisions can have such an impact on our kids and their education. We need to be praying for them regularly.

  • for wisdom is their decision making
  • for integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness
  • that they will support our kids and their teachers
  • that they will not be antagonistic towards those of faith
  • that they will gain support for the community
  • that they will keep the focus on what it needs to be on (educating our kids) and not let other things hijack the attention, the money, or gain higher priority
  • that those who are Christ-followers will be able to share their faith and befriend their co-workers

We especially want to pray for the school leader in our local school districts of Beaumont Unified, Banning Unified, and Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified. But let’s not forget the other school leaders in our community

  • private school leaders
  • adult school leaders
  • preschool directors
  • college leaders
  • school leaders who are our neighbors but who commute to schools outside of our area

Let’s Pray!

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Praying for School Staff in our area

Praying for our School Staff

This week we are praying for the school staff at our local schools. You know, all those behind-the-scenes people who keep the schools going, like librarians, janitors, teacher aides, counselors, office personnel, security guards, food servers, maintenance crew, bus drivers, yard duty personnel, groundskeepers, tech support, cooks, school psychologists, substitute teachers, and so many more.

Too often, these people can go unnoticed but they also have an important role in helping to provide a safe and well-equipped place to learn, and that our kids are ready to do their best.  Pray for them:

  • for a fantastic year
  • that they will protect and befriend our kids
  • that the Christians among them will be sensitive to the Lord’s leading on how to minister to the kids they encounter
  •  for school safety
  • for opportunities to support and encouragement fellow workers
  • for teamwork and harmony at the workplace
  • for support from students and parents (when sometimes School Staff can go unnoticed or be taken for granted)
  • for financial security (since many on staff are working part-time)

Let’s Pray!

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Praying for our Students

Praying for our studentsThe kids in our community deserve our prayers and encouragement.

Specific things to pray for this week: That our students will…

  • start the school year strong
  • make good friends who will be there for them no matter what
  • have good health
  • have greater mastery of their subjects
  • develop a love for learning
  • feel supported by their parents
  • connect well with their teachers
  • have safe schools
  • have a fun year full of great learning
  • make great strides in their education
  • most importantly, notice all opportunities to speak God’s truth into the lives of their fellow students and even to their teachers

Pray for the students attending our local school districts ( for us, that would be Beaumont Unified, Banning Unified, and Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified), as well as:

  • kids in the many private schools and charter schools in our area
  • kids being home schooled
  • kids too sick to go to regular school
  • students at the local colleges (Crafton Hills in Yucaipa  and Mount San Jacinto in Banning)
  • students commuting to schools outside of our area

Let’s Pray!

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