Why Pray?

In simple terms, prayer is talking with God. But it’s not always that simple… or easy.

And yet, praying to God is so worthwhile, especially if we make it a lifelong habit. Prayer does change things, especially in us as our attitude and outlook gets more aligned with the Lord’s.

Prayer is talking with God

We need to communicate with our Creator… to commune with Him. It refreshes us, stimulates our thoughts, and strengthens our resolve.

Different Types of Prayer

  • Prayers of Adoration or Praise– when you express your awe of God to Him.  Telling Him that you love Him.
  • Prayers of Thanksgiving– thanking God for what He has created, done, prevented, restored, and so on. Kind of like saying “thank you” to God when you realize how good He has been.
  • Prayers of Petition or Supplication– asking God for something you want or need. This is between you and God.
  • Prayers of Intercession– asking God for something for others. It could be for healing, deliverance, mercy, truth, and so much more. We do a lot of this here at Praying Local.
  • Prayers of Confession or Repentance– admitting your sins (wrongdoings) to God.
  • Prayers of Agreement– when you give your “Amen” (so be it!) to another’s prayer.
  • Prayers of Blessing or Commission– when ask for God’s protection and power over a person, group, special place, or event
  • Prayer of Salvation– when you, for the first time, admit your wrongs (Confess), accept the sacrifice Jesus Christ did for you, and yield to Him.


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